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Petropavlovsky Yuriy, LRU co-chairman

Contact info E-mail: brainbox @
Profile politics
Birth date 1995-03-03
Birth place Riga, Latvia
Residence Riga, Latvia
Family status Married, two daughters
Languages Russian, Latvian, English
Education 1979 – Latvian State Academy of Arts –faculty of design, specialization: graphic design and visual advertising.1973 – Jāņa Rozentāla Riga Secondary School of Arts
Professional activities 1st August 2004 – present: European Parliament deputy’s Tatyana Zhdanok’s assistant1st April 2003 – 15th July 2004: marketing manager of Averti-R Ltd8th May 2002 – 13th March 2003 – member of council in municipal enterprise Rigas Pilsetbuvnieks3d March 2002 – 31st December 2002: plenipotentiary representative of Riga City Council in the Agency of development for Riga and Riga region1st July 2001 – 30th September 2001:moderator of TV project “2+2” granted by Council of Europe and Latvian Human Rights Commettee10th January 1997 – 20th January 1999: international project consultant and project manager in the advertising agencies DiaR and Page1991 – beginning of 1997: graphic designer, executive director of the Workers’ Union of Latvia “Latvijas Strādnieks”Independent consultant and agent in the field of oil chemistry, fuel products, communication and electronics in the following companies:Latvian-Russian-American company Larvest, Vneshtorginvest, Technointorg, CapMet AB, Pacific Oil&Gas, M.S.H. Montan Stinnes Handels GmbH, Baltijas Petroleum Serviss etc.1989 – 1991: graphic designer and production manager in the Latvian State Theatrical Fund’s cooperative company Auseklis 1986 – 1989: stencil print specialist in the production association Daiļrade1981 – 1986: designer-constructor …. Alfa, graphic advertising specialist, holding three patents for industrial design samples
Political activities Member of Bureau of PCTVL, manager of PCTVL election campaign in Riga, Kurzeme, Zemgale and Vizdeme regions. As the activist and the spokesman of Russian school defense staff received four administrative police protocols, three administrative trials. Won all the trials. 1998 – co-producer and designer of PCTVL parliament election campaign. 1999 – designer of the campaign against the first edition of the Law on the state language, campaign title being “Linguistic Repressions Lead To Kosovo”. 1999 – producer of the campaign for the referendum against increase of pensionable age (“Only Referendum Will Save Your Tomorrow’s Dinner”). 2000 – producer of the campaign against the privatization of Latvenergo. 2001 – producer of PCTVL election campaign during Riga municipal elections.
Hobby Philosophy (preferences – Osvald Spengler, Immanuil Kant), geopolitics (Samuel Huntington, Nikolay Trubetskoy), psychology, history, literature (Evelyn Waugh, Vladimir Nabokov, Alexey Tolstoy), music