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Uchaikina Yelena

Contact info phone (+371) 29262835
Profile business, book-keeping
Birth date 1949-09-02
Birth place Chita, Russia
Residence Stopini
Family status married, three sons, one grandson
Languages Russian, Latvian (spoken), English (spoken)
Education 1974 - Leningrad Bonch-Bruyevich Institute of communications
Later - courses of house management (for the work in municipality)
Professional activities State committee on supply with technics and materials
assistant director of Union for the processing of imported goods
Later - business, own enterprise "ARK-D"
2005-2009 - deputy of Stopini Council
Political activities member of FoRHRUL since 2004
co-operates with the party since 90-ies
member of the Board of ForHRUL
Public organizations head of NGO "Mothers of Latvia against drugs"
participation in parents' committee at school
Hobby sports (skis, skates, swimming, bicycle), music, gardening
Publication Publications