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Rafalskiy Vladislav

Contact info phone (+371) 29822906
Profile pedagogics
Birth date 1959-11-23
Birth place St. Petersbourg
Residence Riga
Languages Latvian - fluently, English
Education 1978-1983 Leningrad State university, filology
1967-1977 76-th (now Ostvalda) Riga secondary school
Professional activities since 2005 - deputy of Riga council
since 1983 - teacher at Riga 40-th secondary school
Political activities Since 2004 – member of ForHRUL
Since 2007 - member of Ruling Board of ForHRUL
Public organizations Stuff of Russian schools defenders – face of videoclip “Black Karlis”
United Congress of Russian community of Latvia
Hobby theater, Russian baths