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Dergunov Victor

Contact info phone (+371) 28341144
e-mail: vdergunov @
Profile anaesthesiology
Birth date 1951-02-21
Birth place Moscow
Residence Riga
Family status married, two children, one granddaughter
Languages Russian, Latvian, French
Education 1968 - 53-rd secondary school of Riga
1974 - Riga Institute of Medicine
Professional activities worked as anaesthetist:
1975-1980 - Kraslava district central hospital
1980-1993 - in the 2-nd City hospital,
parallelly - in Gailezers hospital,
in centre of Toxicology
1984-1986 - working in Algeria
1993-1998 - Riga maternity hospital, section of immunocorrection and detoxication
1988 - medical aid after the earthquake in Armenia
1988-1991 - deputy of a district council in Riga
since 1998 - "Medserviss Ltd.", anaesthetist
2005-2009 - deputy of Riga council,
member of its committees - on environment, on social affairs

Political activities member of ForHRUL since 2004
member of ForHRUl Ruling Board
Public organizations Russian School defense stuff, participated in a hunger strike
Congress of Russian communities of Latvia
Latvian Assotiation of Anaesthesissts and Reanimators
Hobby history, fiction