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Buzayev Vladimir

Contact info e-mail:
Profile politics, journalism
Birth date 1951-10-08
Birth place Zhukovka town of the Bryansk region, Russia
Residence Riga
Family status married
Languages Russian (mother tongue), Latvian
Education In 1973 Buzayev has graduated from the University of Latvia with the specialization “Electrodynamics and solid medium mechanics”.
In 1982 he has defended a Candidate thesis in hydrogeology. At present his professional specialization is modelling the draft of underground waters, he is the chief engineer-programmer at the Latvian Geological Service.
Buzayev is the author of several tens of scientific researches.
Professional activities In spring 1995 Buzayev was elected plenipotentiary of non-citizens in the Apatrids League of Latvia by 50.000 votes as a result of an alternative voting.
In July 1995 he has become a member of the Latvian delegation in the Compatriots Council established by State Council of the Russian Federation.
From November 1998 he was an MP assistant of the Saeima.
In February 1999 Buzayev restored his civil rights through naturalization.
In March 2001 he was elected member of Riga City Council. From June 2001 till 2002 Buzayev was the chairman of the FHRUL group in Riga City Council.
In 2002 Buzayev was elected as a Member of 8th Parliament (Saeima)
In 2004 Buzayev became the most active orator in the all Parliament - he mounted the platform for 64 times.
2006 - Buzayev was elected in the 9th Parliament (Saeima). In 2011—2012 - assistant of MEP Tatjana Zdanoka
Political activities In February 1993 Buzayev participated in the foundation of the movement “Equal Rights” and from that time he is a member of party\'s Ruling Board.
From April 2001 he is the chairman of the Equal Rights Party.
Public organizations In 1988 he started his public activity with the work at the organizational committee of the International Workers Front of Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia and in the newspaper “Единство” (“Unity”).
In December 1989 Buzayev was elected (in competition with thirteen alternative candidates) a deputy of Riga City Council.
From January 1993 Mr. Buzayev co-operates with the NGO Latvian Human Right Committee. He has been the co-chairman of this organization from 1994 till 2001 and since 2012
Vladimir Buzayev is one of the most active Russian schools defenders, he was one of Stuff of Russian schools defenders founders and participated very actively in almost all measures, some of them he organized by himself. Mr Buzayev was tried for several times as mass meetings\' and school strikes\' organizer.
Hobby history, poetry, sport (long-distance race)swimming in ice-cold water