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21.12.2004   Party «For Human Rights in a United Latvia»

For Human Rights in a United Latvia (ForHRUL) is FOR:


Equal rights and equal opportunities in the beginning of their career, it shouldn’t depend on their nationality, civil or social status or sex.


society, based on solidarity principles


use of Russian language in official spheres


indisputable concession of citizenship to all Latvia aliens by registration and naturalization.


adequate salary and social guarantees, appropriate to the real cost of life


providing education in mother tongue


healthy environment and careful attitude to nature resources to the next generation benefit


united Europe of regions and nations


cutting down the military expenses and redistribution of means for the medicine and education benefit


government assistance in family consolidation


creation of fund of accessible municipal habitation



Group ForHRUL in the 9th parliament of Latvia, which is called Saeima, consists of 5 deputies (there are 100 deputies in Saeima). Block ForHRUL is represented in several institutions of local government. There are 8 deputies in city council of Riga (Rigas Dome).


Co-chairmen of ForHRUL are Tatiana Zhdanok, Yury Sokolovsky and Jacob Pliner.



Block ForHRUL was founded in 1998 and participated in six elections. In 2003 ForHRUL successfully overcame the dissidence and the following crisis. Lately, for some years energies were directed to defence of minority schools in Latvia. ForHRUL co-operates closely with Russian School Defense Staff, parallelly solving the most acute social and legal problems.


In the European Union ForHRUL co-operates with left, regional and green political parties.





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