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14.09.2016   EP: Make Labour Market Favourable for Work-Life Balance

The European Parliament voted on September, 13, to back a report on Creating Labour Market Conditions Favourable for Work-Life Balance.

Tatjana Ždanoka said:



Background information

men and women.

The report includes measures to better facilitate women's access to the labour market, encourage the redevelopment of working time for men, enhance the care of relatives by ensuring continuity of social rights, and enhance individual well-being and economic productivity. The Commission is called upon to put forward a number of legislative proposals on family and care related types of leaves, a revised Maternity Leave Directive, a Paternity Leave Directive and a Carers' leave directive.

<span class="\&quot;c1\&quot;" style="\&quot;box-sizing:" border-box;="" font-family:="" verdana,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 10pt;\"="">The Commission's consultation process with social partners is due to end September 30, 2016.


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