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26.01.2016   Hearing: Ruslan Kotsaba – Ukrainian prisoner of conscience (January 2016)

The Ukrainian journalist, blogger and Maidan activist Ruslan Kotsaba is being prosecuted for "Betrayal of the Motherland" because of his reports on the conflict in the Donbass area.

Two days after his arrest, on 9 February 2015, Amnesty International called upon the Ukrainian Government to free the journalist and described Kotsaba as a prisoner of conscience.


  • Ms Tetiana Montian (Ukraine), legal representative of Ruslan Kotsaba
  • Mr Denis Krivosheev, Regional deputy programme director (ECA) of Amnesty International
  • Mr Adrien Collin, project officer at the International Federation of Journalists
  • Ms Katherine Morris, head of Europe and Central Asia of Article 19


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