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Our data

Politisko organizāciju apvienība "Par cilvēka tiesībām vienotā Latvijā"

Legal address: Rūpniecības 9, Rīga, LV 1010

State reg. Nr.: PO-072

Unified reg. Nr.: 90001297087

Account: Aizkraukles banka, LV39AIZK0001130013866


Who can donate?

Citizens and non-citizens of Latvia can donate money to political parties via a tax-free bank transaction. 

First and last names of the donors are published on the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau's website.


What donations are forbidden?

Anonymous donations are forbiddden.

Legal persons, foreigners and apatrides are not allowed to donate.

Allowed sum of donations from one person to one party is limited to 18 000 EUR per year.