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30.10.2012   Tatjana Ždanoka question: Implementation of the citizens' initiative (10 May 2012)

Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 on the citizens’ initiative provides that the organisers may collect statements of support in paper form or electronically. Article 15 stipulates that, not later than 1 March 2012, Member States shall forward to the Commission the names and addresses of the competent authorities responsible for certifying online collection systems, as well as of those responsible for coordinating the process of verification of statements of support and for delivering the relevant certificate. Article 21 provides that each Member State shall notify to the Commission the specific provisions it adopts in order to implement this regulation. Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1179/2011 laying down technical specifications for online collection systems pursuant to the regulation (EU) No 211/2011 on the citizens’ initiative provides in Recital 5 that implementation by the organisers of the technical specifications should guarantee certification of the online collection systems by the Member States’ authorities, and contribute to ensuring the implementation of the appropriate technical and organisational measures required to comply with the obligations on the security of the processing activities. — Could the Commission confirm that all Member States have already adopted and notified the specific provisions intended to implement Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 as provided for in Article 21 and, in particular, the provisions concerning the online collection systems? — If not, could the Commission provide details of those Member States which had not adopted the relevant provisions by 1 April 2012?


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