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30.10.2012   MEP Zdanoka's speech on Accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen (12 October 2011 - Brussels)

Tatjana Ždanoka, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group. – Mr President, we all know there were some shortcomings on Bulgaria and Romania’s road to Schengen, but now the problems are resolved and Bulgaria and Romania are fully prepared to join the free travel area in 2011. One cannot invent new criteria for joining the Schengen area and one cannot undermine the certainty that a state may join as soon as the existing criteria are met.

My group finds it unacceptable that the Netherlands and Finland have even blocked the Polish Presidency’s compromise in the Council without formulating any convincing reasons to do so. Such action undermines European solidarity and I hope that the European Council will find a solution – as we have heard today – with the assistance of the Commission. I would like to thank Ms Malmström for this.

I myself come from a Member State which joined the Schengen area in the previous enlargement and I remember how we wanted to join the Schengen area. As such, I very much welcome the accession of Bulgaria and Romania.


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