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19.03.2012   Photo

March 16, Riga.

At 9 a.m. the anti-fascists laid a memorial wreath with the words "In memory of the victims of Nazism" at the monument of Liberty (Riga). This ceremony was attended by Tatyana Zhdanok, MEP (FHRUL); Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center; Joseph Koren, co-chairman of the Latvian Anti-Fascist Committee.

However, the wreath was desecrated by the supporters of the Waffen SS legionnaires, who desecrated the very memory of the victims of Nazism. Mourning ribbon was creased and the shield with the sign of Latvian legionnaires of Waffen SS was put in front of the wreath. When Tatyana Zhdanok and Joseph Koren began to straighten the ribbon and to remove the shield, one of the organizers of the march of legionnaires tried to stop them brutally. As a result, the police asked all members of the conflict go away from the monument.

The member of the Latvian Parliament from the right party "Visu - Latvijai!"-TB/DNNL Dzintars Rasnachs said on the TV (programme  "100. Pants" of Latvian Television, 16th of March) that the police should have arrested Tatyana Zhdanok. Thus, the representative of the ruling circles of Latvia once again confirmed the absolute intolerance toward those who honor the memory of the victims of Latvian Waffen SS legionnaires, the absolute intolerance towards those who oppose neo-Nazism in every way ...

Photo: Zhanna Karelina


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