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08.02.2006   Statement by “For Human Rights in a United Latvia”

July 7, 2004 on Esthonian-Latvian boarder Estonian citizen Dmitry Linter denied entry permit in Latvia. He was going from Narva to Riga on personal business. Latvian frontier authorities claimed that Dmitry Linter had no right to visit Latvia because he is “black listed”. Dmitry Linter is the leader of a youth organization of the Russian party of Estonia.


It is not the fist politically motivated trouble at the border. In April a bus carrying Russian student activists protesting against the education reform was arrested at the Estonian-Latvian check point.


 On the 16 th of June 2005 Latvian frontier authorities refused transit to a member of the Ruling Board of the Russian party of Estonia Gennady Afanasiev. He was going to Brussels for the conference founding Federation of the Russian parties of the European Union and  the Russian Alliance of the European Union, a public organization.


Actions of Latvian authorities have clear political motivation, directed against consolidation of Russians in the Baltic countries.

While every EU citizen has the right to free movement within the boarders of the Union, Latvia and Estonia are building  “The Baltic wall”, crating on their boarders a political filtration system.

We hurry to disappoint the builders of this wall: those actions will only accelerate, not block the unification process of the Russian-speaking Baltic inhabitants.


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