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08.02.2006   “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” supports trade unions

The rule of socially irresponsible right-wing politicians, which has lasted for many years and which results in an utterly low income level and social protection mechanisms of the 19th century level, puts the nation in danger. Under such circumstances it is the duty of all healthy political forces to put forward and support any social initiatives that contribute to regulation of the situation.


Despite the weakness of modern-day trade unions, “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” is ready to support their social dialogue initiatives in Latvia. “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” commissions its faction in the Latvian Parliament to analyze the demands that the Union of free trade unions expressed on August 31st, as well as to prepare relevant legislation initiatives.


Our members of Parliament have made amendments to the 2005 budget, which made it possible to raise wages for teachers and Ministry of Interior employees, and to start solving the problems of inhabitants of denationalized houses. However, our amendments, as well as similar proposals by other socially responsible politicians, were rejected by the governing majority with no arguments provided.


“For Human Rights in a United Latvia” supports outdoor actions that are being prepared by trade unions: the teachers’ picket near the Cabinet of Ministers of September 6th, and All-Latvian action of protest of October 4th.


“For Human Rights in a United Latvia” encourages trade unions to condemn the policy of the governing majority, which restricts the right to freedom of assembly.


Yes to solidarity of workers! No to the principle “Divide and rule”, the main cause of unemployment and poverty! 


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