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Our people
Our group in Saeima
Miroslav Mitrofanov (Miroslavs Mitrofanovs), LRU co-chairman, Member of the 9th Saeima (Parliament of Latvia)
Contact info:
(+371) 29957390
E-mail: miroslav.mitrofanov @ gmail.com
Profile: Politics, journalism
Birth date: 1966-12-18
Birth place: Daugavpils, Latvia
Residence: Riga, Daugavpils
Family status: married
Languages: Russian, Latvian and English
Education:University of Latvia, Department of Biology, 1991 biologist, chemist
Daugavpils Secondary school N 9, 1985
Professional activities:Since 2010 - Institute of Russian Cultural Heritage of Latvia, director
2006-2010 - Member of the 9th Saeima, member of the Budget and Finance (Taxation) committee
2004-2006 Staff member of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament
2002 - 2004 - the advisor for ForHRUL group of the 8-th Saeima
11.98 11.02 Member of the Parliament (7-th Saeima of Latvia), the member of Human Rights and Public Affairs committee, of European Affairs committee, of Latvian delegation to the EU-Latvia Joint Parliamentary Committee
01.95-11.98 LAUMA-D Ltd, vice-president
01.93-08.94 Daugavpils newspaper DINABURG, vice-editor
01.91-01.93 Daugavpils newspaper DINABURG, the chief of political department, journalist
09.89-01.91 Daugavpils meat processing factory, laboratory technician
1986-1988 active service at the Soviet army
Political activities:ForHRUL co-chairman since 2011
Since 2003 chairman of ForHRUL Daugavpils department
Public organizations:Since 1999 member of the Daugavpils branch of Russian community of Latvia
Since 2007 vice-chairman of the EU Russian-speakers Alliance
Hobby:Garden, reading the fiction

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